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T A N Y A ★ got it memorized?
03 May 2008 @ 05:03 pm
I should've posted this earlier, but... I have moved to a different journal!

This will be my icon posting journal now~ =3
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T A N Y A ★ got it memorized?
02 May 2008 @ 07:50 am

Wrong thing.

Re-add at oblivionly please~ This is going to be just for graphic and fandom posts. Thank you! :D

This is totally no roxas hacking. :D;
T A N Y A ★ got it memorized?
Er, not the actual characters, though. 8D; My Nintendogs, that is. Since they're always all over each other and licking each other's ears and on top of each other. I've even made sure they're both guys! XD

Well today was very eventful! In French class we were working on our vacation essays (for some reason I'm going to Florida with Lelouch), and we had to type them on the computer, so Alex goes on the internet to this Sonic fanfiction site and surprisingly, they didn't block out all the smut and lemons on there. That led to a whole 15 minute discussion about fanfictions, fanfiction.net, DeviantArt, M rated fanfictions, lemons, how Alex's sister writes M rated fanfictions, and the Spanish bringing lemons and limes! The other people in the class totally did not know what we, me, Helen, and Alex, were talking about so it was all good. 8D;;

Then it was fire drill time! I swear we just had a fire drill on Monday or last week or something, so everyone was pretty much annoyed on having this one. Turns out (what a surprise that was), the water from last night's storm and rain and such got into one of the sensors and triggered the alarm. I thought that was a really stupid reason, but, hey, I missed 30 minutes of English so I'm not complaining~

Now one final thing! I lost the game.
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19 April 2008 @ 09:21 am
Take on down pass it around, 99 bottles of beer on the wall! Yay for my random songs! :D;

So I officially hate my math teacher! We were out of regular calculators in class and lucky ol' me was so lucky that I couldn't get one. When I told her that we were out of calculators, she didn't even think of the possibility that we could've used graphic calculators instead! So where does this lead to? The people who had calculators finished almost all their worksheets and I probably didn't even finish half and that means more homework for me! Whoop dee doo!

Now that I finished ranting... Meme from mummifiedmutant  ~

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick three of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

Guess who it is~! It's the ever so lovable Nakatsu!

He's such a dork in the beginning of the series with his "I'm not a homo"-ness, but that's what makes him so cute. x3;;

I'm kinda disappointed on how Ashiya didn't end up with him, though. I mean, he liked her when he thought that she was still a guy! XD;;

It's Mew Ichigo! He's not my favorite character in the series, but I love how his name means strawberry. 83;;

Well, this icon was pretty much because it was funny and Ichigo looks really stupid! Since I have super horrible memory, I don't know which chapter this was taken from! 8D;; If I make a random guess, though, I have a 1/315 chance of getting it right, excluding the newest chapters since he's kind of MIA there.

Aw, I just love this fanart of Sora and Roxas, and I just had to have it for one of my icons! x3;

Seeing them in fanarts together make me so happy~ But not as in a couple together. XD; Anyways, I'm sure if Roxas wasn't Sora's nobody, and if he was in his Twilight Town version (since Organization Roxas is all pissed and stuff), they'd make great friends! :D;
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Hello LiveJournal! I finally got a DeviantArt! Whoohoo! First picture of Laito that's not Light is here! He is in the process of being colored! :D And I totally love the title. >w<

So today sucked, like always. My grade in math dropped 8 points since the last 6 weeks orz. Funny thing is, the subjects I used to suck really bad at, they're over 97. Ah well, that's how life goes. >_<;;

I really need to get around and list all my fandoms... That's going to be a long list, eh?

This is a really pointless post. :(
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10 April 2008 @ 03:54 pm
So a small tornado passed by Plano at like 4 AM today! A few trees were blown over, trash can flew away, roofs got ripped out, and the power went out, but it wasn't that bad, really! [/end sarcasm]

The school's main power thing was off so most of our classes' lights were like dead! We had classes in the hallways and everything! XD; It was so much fun, but the art room smelled SO FREAKIN' BAD! Like a dentist place smell! >_<;; We didn't have to do this boring science assignment assigned to us, though, so that's a good thing. :D

Oh yeah, today is Sora's birthday! The English not-so-good sounding one, though. :P
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08 April 2008 @ 04:02 pm
So French today was hilarious! XD; We were learning our clothes vocabulary and Mlle. Wossen wanted to see if the boys knew the difference between a dress and a skirt and a blouse and a shirt so...

Mlle. Wossen: Okay boys, which of you know the difference between a dress and a skirt?
Alex (whoa almost wrote Axel right there lulz): A dress is all one thing while a skirt is not.
William: Of course you would know.
-insert class laughing here-
Mlle. Wossen: Okay so what's the difference between a shirt and a blouse?
Boys: -insert I don't knows and other clueless things like that- How are we supposed to know what a blouse is?
Mlle. Wossen: Alex?

Oh wait, even I don't know what the difference between a shirt and a blouse is. oAo;; Apparently it's a woman's shirt.
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Actually, I barely wear orange...

Well anyways! I finally decided to update today because it's Friday and well there's nothing for me to do on Friday except homework (ew!). School was so blah today! D: Today was even worse than yesterday and yesterday I had 3 tests. -__-; Speaking about tests (actually it was a quiz but moving on), I got an 88 on my math quiz. I thought that quiz was so easy, what the heck? Augh, how did I get an 88 on it?

Hah, moving on, once again. In advisory we were supposed to go to our first period class again so we'd know where to go when 8th grade TAKS testing is going on and since my first period class was Tech, I got to check on onemanga for updates! /o/ BLEACH (meh, it's easier to type it all in caps cause if I don't do that on Wiki I'll be lead to clothes whiteners 8D;;) updated today so I'll be over to read that soon~ If everything is going just as planned (wait, what plan?), KHR will have their Chinese scans tomorrow!

I picked up another character at kingdomdressing yesterday. Come meet your AU Lion!Sora today! =3;

So yeah, final word of the day! Stacking jell-o is HARD! Trust me, we tried.

OH WAIT! ONE MORE THING. The advertisement they gave me after I posted this. Of course. 8D
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26 March 2008 @ 09:20 pm
Argh, I have to stop updating so late since no one reads them at this time! Ehehe... But today was a good day! School wasn't too hard on me either, but that's probably because my first 3 classes are my electives and we didn't do anything there. It was funny how I ended up drawing in French but ripping cardboard in Art (for no absolute reason either!).

Eee~ So I downloaded the DN Angel illustrations today and they're so pretty! Waa~ Daisuke's so cute! ♥ Even though he looked a bit girlish in some of the pics XD; Then there's Dark~ Everyone, thank Light Haruhi that Vic can't voice manga or else he would ruin Dark more than he did in the anime.

I was reading Hana Yori Dango on Monday... Tsukasa is really stupid and ugly XD; I'll watch the drama soon enough~ I should start reading Hana Kimi too. XD; Any recommendations while I'm at this?

Oh and forgot to mention this... Welcome to my F-List mummifiedmutant ! I don't really update that much, but I update when I can x3;;
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23 March 2008 @ 09:41 pm
Why oh why does Spring Break have to be over so quickly. T_T I don't think I even did anything memorable this whole break! Now it's back to prison school again! Whoopdeedoo! But, I did finish Hana Kimi (finally!) on... Er, Friday? Now to Hana Yori Dango and the other long list of doramas I should watch!

On another note, Happy Easter! ♥ Too bad they don't give us an effing EASTER break. Don't they think about the people who stay up on Easter night or every night to give us one measly little day off? Oh wait, that's about school again~ :P I didn't go egg hunting this year so no Easter candy for me~ ;-; Or free movie rentals at Kroger's since they used to give those out when we egg hunted there. XD;

This fic seriously gets me wanting to write about some royalty plot thing. Nyuu~ The author needs to update it >w<; And I have to update my fics. >_<;

Last but not least~ My nose is really really stuffy. It's been stuffy all day long and drinking beer water doesn't help either. Usually that helps, y'know!
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